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Engaging Students with News: What Makes Credible News Credible?
Between the disruptions of a global pandemic, growing civil unrest, and a shifting political
landscape, now more than ever there is a powerful need for educators to invigorate their
curricula with reliable news, feature stories, and current events.

Star Tribune wants to be your trusted go-to resource.

That’s why we’re presenting this series specifically for Minnesota teachers called
Engaging Students with News. This informative series of 30-minute webinars will
provide you with helpful advice and tips you can use right now to better engage your
students with the news as it unfolds.

Join us for our second session where we’ll discuss:

• Engaging students with Star Tribune (and how to access)
• How to know if information is credible
• The 8 Trust Indicators
• Identifying credible sources

-Ken Lawrence: Education Audience Development Manager, Star Tribune
-Matt DeLong: Digital Projects Editor, Star Tribune


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